IUPUI sports journalism program to study diversity in football hiring at NCAA Division I schools: Newscenter: Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

IUPUI sports journalism program to study diversity in football hiring at NCAA Division I schools

  • Jan. 13, 2016


INDIANAPOLIS -- A new study by the Sports Capital Journalism Program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis will examine the role of diversity in hiring college head football coaches.

The Football Hiring Report Card will evaluate the hiring processes for job vacancies among all Division I NCAA institutions that are classified in the Football Bowl Subdivision or the Football Championship Subdivision. Institutions will receive grades ranging from A to F based on how they promote diversity, transparency and equal opportunity. The study will examine factors such as the percentage of search committee members who are people of color, the percentage of official interviews given to people of color, the time frame for the search-and-hiring process, and communication with diversity-focused recruitment sources.

The Football Hiring Report Card is scheduled for release in August.

The principal investigator and lead author of the study is Pamela Laucella, academic director of the Sports Capital Journalism Program and an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Public Relations in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.

Laucella has led multiple studies examining the hiring practices for men's basketball head coaches. This is the first time she is investigating the hiring of head football coaches.

"The inaugural football hiring report sets a comparative baseline to measure commitment and progress over time," Laucella said. "We hope this research will help universities in their hiring processes while calling attention to the need for diverse leadership in collegiate athletics."

The project manager is Floyd Keith, CEO of Planned Positive Attitude Professional Services and former executive director of the Black Coaches and Administrators (BCA) nonprofit organization. The research design is the result of collaborative work by the former BCA and Floyd Keith with Richard Lapchick, endowed chair and director of the DeVos Sports Business Management Program at the University of Central Florida College of Business Administration.

Graduate research assistants Frank Gogola and Zach Wagner will provide data analysis.

The goal of producing the report card is to provide colleges and universities with an objective and long-term way to measure the key factors that influence hiring. It is designed to promote equality, accountability and transparency.

"As the process of hiring head football coaches has received greater scrutiny in the past 15 years, a more diverse pool of candidates has been able to earn opportunities to direct programs," said Malcolm Moran, director of the Sports Capital Journalism Program. "The Football Hiring Report Card will help university officials see how well they're doing when it comes to diversity not only in hiring, but also in such factors as the makeup of search committees and other aspects of the hiring process."

The Sports Capital Journalism Program is part of IUPUI's Department of Journalism and Public Relations, home to the nation's first graduate program in sports journalism. At IUPUI, sports journalism students get to cover a wide variety of major regional, national and international sporting events, including the NBA, NFL, collegiate championships, motorsports and more. Through campus events, they also connect with leaders in the sports industry as well as in sports journalism.

To contact Laucella, call 317-278-5334 or email plaucell@iupui.edu.

To contact Moran, call 317-278-5329 or email moranma@indiana.edu.

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