Simpsons, wine and beer and Beatles featured in fall semester classes at IUPUI

  • Aug. 19, 2014

What do the Simpsons, wines and beers of the world, the Beatles, terrorism and the history of television have in common? They are all uncommon subjects that will be covered in fall semester classes that start Aug. 25 at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

These subjects may sound unusual but reflect ongoing campus efforts to create new opportunities for students to learn and apply learning in and out of class.

Among these subjects:

  • Visual Learning: From the Simpsons to the Guerrilla Girls, offered by the IU Herron School of Art and Design: Designed for the novice, this class facilitates viewers in interpreting powerful images from the contemporary world, starting with art and moving across popular culture and academic disciplines. Classes involve making and interpreting images. Essential questions help students examine how visual images impact their lives.
  • The music of the Beatles, offered by the School of Engineering and Technology: An in-depth, song-by-song look at the music, lives, and times of the Beatles. The course focuses on the music and is aimed at heightening student listening skills as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the Beatles’ recordings.
  • Seminar in Comparative National Security Law, offered by the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law: It includes an opportunity for students to participate in a biennial counter-terrorism simulation exercise that brings together students, professors and experts in public safety and international security from around the world in a one-day event that allows students to play the roles of a leader in a crisis situation.  Students can hone reasoning, negotiation and communication skills in a high pressure environment.
  • Wines and beers of the world, offered by the IU School of Physical Education and Tourism management: In one class, students who are at least 21 years of age, will taste wines from numerous countries around the world, learn how to identify the characteristics of growing regions and types of wines produced. In another class, students will explore the world's great beer styles, including imports and craft beers, as well as beer flavors and off-flavors, the brewing process, ingredients, history, beer and food pairing, competitions, judging and more. 
  • The History of Television, offered by the IU School of Liberal Arts: Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of media as conveyors of meaning, cultural artifacts, and art forms.

A common theme with these classes as well as more traditional subjects is providing an excellent, relevant, and responsive education across a wide range of disciplines.

Richard Schneider