IUPUI chancellor focuses on strategic plan in State of Campus address

  • Nov. 6, 2013

Having transformed IUPUI for the 21st century, IUPUI faculty, staff and students are creating a strategic plan that will enable the campus over the next decade to build on its strengths to address new challenges and opportunities, IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz said.

Delivering his 11th State of the Campus address to an audience of faculty and staff gathered in the IUPUI Campus Center on Nov.5, Bantz called “Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond: IUPUI's Strategic Plan” a collaborative strategic blueprint that reaffirms the campus’s commitment to the city and state and to continued national and global engagement to improve the quality of life in communities worldwide.

According to plan documents, higher education faces significant challenges, including changing demographics; heightened competition; rapid development and spread of technologies that impact teaching and learning; demands for greater accountability; and making the case that higher education offers a worthwhile return on investment.

To meet those challenges, plan documents said universities must be strategic, distinctive, effective, efficient, transformative, engaged and nimble.

Against that backdrop, Bantz said the IUPUI strategic plan focuses on three priorities: the success of students; advances in health and life sciences; and contributions to the well-being of the residents of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and beyond.

Within these priorities, Bantz said 10 strategic initiatives have been identified to support implementation of the campus strategy:

  • Promote undergraduate student learning and success.
  • Optimize enrollment management.
  • Increase capacity for graduate education.
  • Transform online education.
  • Leverage strengths in health and life sciences.
  • Accelerate innovation and discovery.
  • Deepen commitment to community engagement.
  • Strengthen internationalization efforts.
  • Promote a healthy, sustainable and inclusive campus.
  • Develop faculty and staff.

The plan envisions a technology-rich campus that permits real-time, boundary-spanning access to content and subject matter experts on campus, in the community and around the world; and where programs and services are delivered in coordinated, integrated and flexible ways so learners can be served wherever and whenever needs arise.

It also envisions a campus that is:

  • A sustainable and accessible physical campus with a strong footprint in the core of Indianapolis and robust online capabilities that reach learners, researchers and partners across Indiana, the U.S. and the world.
  • Has a dynamic research environment and infrastructure.
  • Has a health and life sciences portfolio of unsurpassed quality and scope, in which students are taught, research is conducted, patients are served and healthier outcomes are realized in an environment of interprofessional education and practice.


Richard Schneider